(Hundred Waters - Sonnet)

It’s my last month in new england for a while (migrational patterns) but lots of interesting shows are coming up

9/14 - I’m doing a radio performance on WTBU 4-6ish accompanied by Dillon Zahner, a creative percussionist dude I really like. *full disclosure he’s also my roommate

9/18 - A house show in brooklyn with Kevin Greenspon + Lizard Kisses; two bands that have been keeping it real for a long time.

9/19 - Great Scott in Boston w/ Hundred Waters. Yep you read that right, the new torchbearers of beautifully glitchy 70’s inspired folk music. They just got off of a train tour through Canada with Grimes and Skrillex. Life is weird but cool I guess?

9/30 - Another house show / potluck in Brooklyn. Its a new series my friend Orr is starting that looks like it will be super fun. I’ll be collaborating with my friend Ross and maybe some other folks I can coerce (maybe you?)

10/8 - The Summit in Columbus, OH w/ BIRTHDAYS, Little Spoon, and June66. Ohio is always super fun, especially on monday nights.

to the future!
and beyond!